Over the next few days I’ll be glazing a bunch of little stoneware succulent planters that I hand-built last month, and when they come out of the kiln they’ll get potted up with the plants pictured here. My plan with these succulents is to divide them up and mix several varieties together in each planter. Some of the leaves will be used to propagate new plants. A handful of leaves fell off during the trip home from the plant nursery, and three of them have already sprouted little babies. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep all the plants looking this beautiful and healthy.

The new planters, all dressed up with cute succulents, will be going with me to the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival in Tallahassee on April 18th and 19th. This past November was the first time I’ve had planters and plants for sale in my booth at an art festival, and they helped to make the space feel happy and inviting. Succulents are just cheerful little beings… it’s going to be so much fun partnering up the plants with the planters and getting my hands in the dirt!


spring garden

garden leaves

The spring garden is still young, but it’s had quite a growth spurt this past week with the warmer weather. I planted seeds from December through February (keeping them indoors when it was too cold outside) and have been potting the plants up into bigger containers as they need it. And just about all of them will need to be “potted up” again this week.

This photo is a collection of leaves… a representative of each type of vegetable or herb in the garden. The top row is brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and broccoli. The second row is arugula, kale, spinach and romaine. The third row is parsley, basil and cilantro. And the bottom row is tomato and pepper.

Last night I made a salad with some of the spinach and arugula. Looking forward to harvesting fresh garden veggies everyday!

loading a bisque kiln


Today I loaded the kiln with sushi sets and succulent planters that have been drying out for about 2 weeks. It’ll take approximately 36 hours to fire and cool down, and then it’ll be glazing time. Here’s the loading process, shelf by shelf…


1. The first shelf holds pieces of the sushi sets… 7 small plates and 5 soy sauce dipping bowls.


2. The second shelf holds 2 platters for the sushi sets and 6 succulent planters.


3. The third shelf holds 23 succulent planters and 11 soon-to-be magnets. The white-colored clay is stoneware, and after it’s glazed will fire to cone 6. The grey-colored clay is earthenware (also called low-fire clay), and it will glaze fire to cone 05. Once the pieces come out of this bisque firing they’ll all be white, so I mark them on the bottoms to tell them apart. The glazing I do on stoneware is drastically different than what I do with the earthenware. I’m going to document the glazing process for both types of clay and share it here.


4. I put another shelf on top, then close the lid and program the kiln to fire to cone 04. It takes about 12 hours to reach temperature, then the kiln shuts off and cools for about 24 hours. When the kiln is unloaded I’ll be glazing the cone 6 stuff (the sushi sets and half of the succulent planters) first… can’t wait!

little collections of things


I love seeing other people’s images of little things they’ve collected and arranged, so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. For this first collection I took the dogs for a walk around the pond and clipped the little buds and blooms that caught my attention along the way. Here in north Florida the afternoons are in the 80 degree range already and spring is in full swing. This is my favorite stage of plant development… the budding leaves and the flowers just before they bloom.

Happy springtime!

film photography

This is a collection of photographs I took with my 35mm camera before I made the switch to digital. The date range is approximately 2001 to 2006, and the location each one was shot is listed underneath the image.

I’m in the process of going through my older artwork and plan to share much of what I uncover on this blog. I’ll also be sharing my current studio practice, which mainly consists of ceramics, and my explorations into other creative realms.

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