loading a bisque kiln


Today I loaded the kiln with sushi sets and succulent planters that have been drying out for about 2 weeks. It’ll take approximately 36 hours to fire and cool down, and then it’ll be glazing time. Here’s the loading process, shelf by shelf…


1. The first shelf holds pieces of the sushi sets… 7 small plates and 5 soy sauce dipping bowls.


2. The second shelf holds 2 platters for the sushi sets and 6 succulent planters.


3. The third shelf holds 23 succulent planters and 11 soon-to-be magnets. The white-colored clay is stoneware, and after it’s glazed will fire to cone 6. The grey-colored clay is earthenware (also called low-fire clay), and it will glaze fire to cone 05. Once the pieces come out of this bisque firing they’ll all be white, so I mark them on the bottoms to tell them apart. The glazing I do on stoneware is drastically different than what I do with the earthenware. I’m going to document the glazing process for both types of clay and share it here.


4. I put another shelf on top, then close the lid and program the kiln to fire to cone 04. It takes about 12 hours to reach temperature, then the kiln shuts off and cools for about 24 hours. When the kiln is unloaded I’ll be glazing the cone 6 stuff (the sushi sets and half of the succulent planters) first… can’t wait!